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Overlord Cape Thoughts

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Bucky    18
Posted (edited)

May not get much or any feedback on this post as I am the only player with the cape so far but I just wanted to give my thoughts/feedback on the cape. Let me start with the pros:

First I would like to say the cape looks absolutely amazing. The effects, the colors, the spec animation, it all just looks so good. Also the stats and all the buffs it gives to drop chance, spec restore, and possible double drop are also awesome. 

Now with the pros out of the way let me move onto the cons:

 This cape comes with a special attack which is awesome but the cooldown of the special attack is 15 minutes. That is a long time for a cooldown, especially for what it actually does. I would think maybe 2-3 minutes would seem like a decent amount of time to use the special attack.

This cape can also be used to teleport to a "exclusive" zone for people who own the cape. This seems like a cool idea but the zone is pretty lack luster in my opinion. There are two bosses there, dawn and porazdir. Now don't get me wrong these two bosses are good for making some decent GP but they are accessible once you reach onyx (for porazdir) and crystal (for dawn) rank. I feel like the people who will be able to acquire this cape are going to be onyx+ donators due to the amount needed to donate for the cape and will already have access to these areas such as myself. I think that there should be some new/different/more bosses (possibly move to a larger area) in the overlord area. This cape will be near impossible to actually craft due to there being such a low number of nightmare capes in game plus needing to get the relic from a demonic chest which is why I think the zone should be quite a bit better. 

This post isn't meant to be negative in any manner just giving my opinions on the cape and would like to hear some feedback or ideas.


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thanks for reading,




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