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Suggestion: Quick teleport orb

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Minion    2
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a63c0d561feb2ed09933739519e11f0d.png Quick teleport orb a63c0d561feb2ed09933739519e11f0d.png


Disclaimer: This is just idea, a concept, final result could be different

Explanation: Add "Quick teleport orb" at minimap orbs. In default when you click this, it would open ::tp interface, however right-click would let you set "Select quick teleport" (similar to quick prayers) so you could set your favourite or most frequent teleport(including allowing to select instanced teleport). I don't know if it's techincally doable but would be nice to have teleport orb with teleport interface and ability to quick tele (ie. instanced corp etc).


Feel free to post your opinion about this suggestion!

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G    0

I fully support this. This would be extremely convenient :)

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Syrex    0

This would be awesome to see implemented , would be so much easier and faster to navigate and would be much faster for farming instanced areas, maybe also make a ::quicktp command with it.

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Pixie Joe    31

I like this idea, bit like the old T tab next to the minimap, nice idea Minion :)

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