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EatMikeHunt    1

Would it be possible to get runite rocks to have unlimited ticks without clicking every time you get one, (similar to the magic tree in ::di).  It would just keep mining until you have a full inventory. Only reason I am suggesting this is because mining 2000 runite ore takes forever in the diary. This would make it at least a little bit more tolerated to do. 

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Bucky    18

When I first started mining runite ore for comp cape I would've agreed with this. But now that I've done it I like the way it is, its fair for everyone the way it is currently. Everybody hates it lol. But that's what make comp cape a grind. You get to AFK while doing rocktail, cooking, magics, and burning. I've been told you can mine the runite ore in wildy so that they are noted.

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Ntho💛    95

Yes I personally think the grind for it is fine. That's how comp should be that's why you get the special boss and monsters in the compzone. Plus the cape has better stats then boss capes besides overlord

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