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New Forums Crowns?

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sAMMYk    38

I have made some custom crowns a while back and i really like them so i decided to share them with you and maybe even have them as our new ones;

  • The list will start from highest to lowest rank (Owner - Support) + Main Color HEX code and Shadow HEX code


  • Main HEX: #ff0000
  • Shadow HEX: #ff0000

Developer N/A 

  • N/A
  • N/A

prlraY0.pngForum Manager

  • Main HEX: #e9bb08
  • Shadow HEX: #deb310

yO3MErF.pngStaff Manager

  • Main HEX: #00f6ff
  • Shadow HEX: ##04dddd

Wd7ZubV.pngServer Manager

  • Main HEX: #de8301
  • Shadow HEX: #ff9600

gSLrlH5.pngHead Administrator

  • Main HEX: #ea0e63
  • Shadow HEX: #ff0063


  • Main HEX: #ffff00
  • Shadow HEX: #ffff00

 NTW02g2.pngHead Moderator

  • Main HEX: #c000ff
  • Shadow HEX: #c000ff

eCzforD.pngForum Moderator

  • Main HEX: #00aeff
  • Shadow HEX: #00aeff


  • Main HEX: #36ff00
  • Shadow HEX: #36ff00

7bFvEVf.pngServer Support

  • Main HEX: #51bce6
  • Shadow HEX: #579dba


Overview of all:



What are your opinions?

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R M B T    54

I really like the new Forum Crowns. Would be nice to see implemented. Good job on the work Sammy 👍

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sAMMYk    38
25 minutes ago, Foly said:

I absolutely love these!

I will update our current crowns to these! thanks

Really happy you like them and that they are already implemented haha, one thing i have noticed though: The new Support icon really fits the "Trial Support" so maybe leave the old one for the Server Support? Sort of helps to differentiate between those 2 ranks


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