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Reputation Ranks (New Images)

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sAMMYk    38

So i have noticed that there are only like 10 Reputation ranks that go to around 70 likes (Max), so why not update it a bit? Since there are a lot of people that go way above 100 (Close to 400).


rhAH95h.png- Dragon

s0juOHa.png- Chaotic

9VfZCXn.png- Dragonstone

FNrZ34V.png- Druidic

RRrPkB7.png- Godswords

VnnEMAk.png- Masterwork

Tr5oqgo.png-Nightmare Staff

lTZtlcq.png- Overlord Cape

xZgwaFe.png- Party hat

Fgx2VJW.png- Sang

umgkh5A.png- Tekton

ZiKB2fB.png- Twisted Bow

MmHrtty.png- Scythe of Vitur

7ATgOsX.png- Wings


So i got here potentially another 14 ranks (Not in order) that could be assigned, theoretically even more since any item from the game could be put in those slots, or even custom ones

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