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Comp Cape Advice (Mainly for Iron Man)

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This is not going to be a complete guide to comping as I am currently still grinding for comp as and iron man. I've picked up some neat tricks that I'm not sure if everyone knows about and just wanted to share.


Tip #1: Enter the Lottery ASAP. This takes a minimum of 3 weeks so it's best to start it as soon as you can.


Tip #2: Trivia. There's 2 main reasons you will want as many trivia points as possible. Dragonkin lamps and charm boxes. 2b xp in a skill can take some time and the xp lamps if used while the bonus event is up + active well give crazy xp, and charm boxes are the easiest way to achieve 500 blue charms for steel titans.


Tip #3: AFKing when not playing. You need to achieve 500k loyalty points so there's a couple things you can do while AFKing to help. Combat dummies at home will count towards the 10m damage needed with each type, and the AFK tree is great for box chances. 


Tip #4: Shooting stars. You will want to at minimum purchase an inferno adze as well as a 3a pickaxe with stardust. The infernal adze helps knock out firemaking while chopping 5k magic logs, and the 3a pickaxe helps significantly with the 2k rune ore. For iron men it is also worth considering grinding for the godsword components so you don't have to rely on rng to make them.


Tip #5: (Donator only) If you happen to be a donator you'll have access to the ::di thieving stalls. The scimitar stall here counts towards the achievement even though you don't technically steal a scimitar. Very AFK as you can just spam click and watch videos or something.


Tip #6: 5000 rune arrows. Glacors have an uncommon drop of 4,500 headleass arrows. You can farm for this drop instead of having to fletch logs for arrow shafts and add feathers to them.


Tip #7: Presets. There's quite a few tasks that require lots of banking. Presets are your friend so figure out how to use them effectively and it will save you so much time and effort.


Tip #8: 1000 rune bars. Do this at the mining guild with a preset option ready (preset only works if you use the option with the banker instead of the bank booth here). Stand where you can reach the furnace and the bank without having to move. When you get to the smithing menu right click make x on the rune bars and type a large number. Load your preset from the banker just as your last bar is created. If you do it correctly you will continue smithing uninterrupted until you smith whatever number you typed. Makes this task pretty painless.


Tip #9: You can buy frost dragon bones from the boss points shop for 1 point each. Optional if you don't want to grind frost dragons.


Tip #10: You can buy the PK achievements/titles outside edge bank to the southeast.


That's all I've got. Hopefully something here helps. If anyone has any extra advice feel free to share, good luck on the grind! 

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