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Guest atf

Massive power curve

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Guest atf   
Guest atf

Hi, hello to whoever it might concern.

the topic: power curve
some preamble;
So as a new player logs in, selects their mode, and heads over to the chicken pens to punish chickens,
there is but one question every noob woders: "What should I kill for gold?"
Naturally we consult /help, and they say "::lavas or dgs mate".

So we go to lavas, some guy who we assume is 'rich' hands you a set of arma and a blowpipe,
and ..... well ... nothing.
You collect your 2.5m per kill for hours, watching chat roll by discussing items worth in the hundreds of Billions.
What gives? Perhaps it's time to farm these 'dgs' with a noob's illgotten power.
Some time passes (40hours or so, perhaps) and a new player can not shake the feeling that a drop will never happen, or that if it does, this process
of killing 'dgs' for 30 hours between injections of 10-20b, wreaks of an uphill battle that only your debit card is powerful enough to overcome.
So one may ask again for /help, to hear that yes in fact, the rates at which you receive loot are based upon the assumption that you've already purchased a twisted bow.
Strangely honest, but undeniably true. perhaps so undeniably true that there is narrowly even the will among other players to deny the fact.
Suppose now that every player has a choice to make; and they will make it one way or the after 40-so hours of demoralizing grind,
what to do?
Pay the price, or walk away?
Nothing mates a minnow leave the lake faster than hearing that the pond is reserved for whales.
Nothing makes a whale migrate faster than realizing that the lake is out of minnows.

a) Create a bridge
Create an area where loot create a power bridge between magma blowpipe and the twisted bow, since the game is designed around
the twisted bow, there is no 'reasonable expectation' that a player will advance from a magma to a twisted bow through 'natural means'.
Currently the game is designed for the twisted bow, anything stronger is 'uber' status, and the entire weapon hierarchy begins at the tbow, and ends with some insane shit that does 50k dps. 
As it stands, most items worth having are uber, or super uber, or godly uber, or inconceivably uber busted.
(or a blowpipe *womp womp*)

(Yes, it has happened. Some free players have received 10+ emerald boxes in a day before, I'm sure that it's occurred.
Possible and 'reasonable expectation' are not interchangeable.
It -is- possible to punch a shark in the dick.
It's a 'smarter' idea to swipe your debit card to watch someone else do it.)

b) lower drop rates at target creatures
Players with uber+ gear aren't farming dgs. 
they don't want dg loot. they -might- like to open an emerald sack.
let the noobs farm emerald sacks.
I don't want to make this 'about my friend', but anecdotally I have one, who went 3k dgs dry with a blowpipe.
He feels very unrewarded, and questions if the game really even 'wants' his attendance.
Well, it wants his money. But it needs to make him want to pay, by showing him that he doesn't have to.
An option where a player can start at point a) go to point b), c), e) etc if they play.
Not all creatures need to be adjusted, but there really must be something between 1/950 chance to get an item worth 1/6th of a Twisted Bow
and just asking every player to swipe the debit card.
Needed changes to drop rates on a number by number case, I don't know.
But this is clearly a hostile situation for any new player, so I reckon you could only make it better by throwing darts at a board and declaring 
"INCREASE IT BY 70%!" to any creature, loot box, or activity painted there.
The uber god+ tier whales will still have their playgrounds, murdering massive baddies while free players drag a bit behind
at a reasonable pace that more or less reflects their personal level of grind commitment.
Not everything should be effected.

c) take 'troll loot' off the drop tables.
just all of them.
I can't even imagine the pure rage of receiving a staff of light from DGs after 4k kills dry.
As a new player, I would quit on the spot if that happened in a game where I've already been pushed to make a purchase
just to play at the intended pace.
I pray that this won't actually happen to me before I'm committed.

Anyways, thanks for reading, if you read this.

"trunfo ganhou a América.
fomos traídos.
liberdade ou morte." 



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GIM Fergle    6

Doesn't really help that donator deals are being pushed into broadcast every 20mins either. 


Even as an Ironman this grind is beyond tedious and insanely boring to me to be frank. Maybe if the content was instead made more engaging instead of so AFK but with better drop rates the server would see more success from players who actually enjoy the aspects of progression.  or maybe adjust the droptables so they aren't so fucking RNG lottery based. Actually have some items worth farming at areas not just the lottery boxes which most of the time won't even give you anything that's useful

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