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Simplicity Update Log 03/01/2019

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Arthur    37

Hello everyone and welcome to the first update log of Simplicity 2019. Please reload your client launcher to get all the latest updates.


- Added a serial number connection limit per user and a special command for high staff administrators to toggle a block for account spammers.

- Added New Year Lucky Star (Available in donator shop till January 31), best item to get from lucky star is Scythe of Vitur X!

- Added new overload animation (matrix style).

- Added Angelic boots, the best boots in-game and also has a hidden magic bonus. If you right click -> operate the boots it will let your character perform the floating animation.

- Added a new command to subscribe to the Simplicity notification updates. ::subscribe

- Added more gold bags to drop tables.

- Fixed a bug with edgeville bank walls.

- Fixed some graphical bugs with Pre-sets.

- Fixed some item bugs and also added stats to Twisted buckler.

- Fixed special attack animation for Scythe of Vitur X. (Also decided to not take out the item from the shop yet, it will be removed on January 31).

- Fixed the timer for Muhammad Ali's Dummy (Event boss). Has Perfect time formatting for timers now.

- Fixed the timer for Warmonger boss.

- Fixed the timer for bonus XP.

- Fixed the Player updating limit on low memory, the characters will not look animation bugged anymore when we have 150+ playes online and a lot of people in the same area.

- Changed the max new players per cycle to 255 to fix some animation issues.

- Removed santa and the santa keys from all the drop tables.


Thank you,


Simplicity Team

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Bernard    1

Good stuff bro keep it up!

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3000k    0



sweet, keep up the good work

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good job! 

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good update keep it up :)


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SniPer    2

Great update !

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Kooda    17

Good bunch of updates to start off the new year. 

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Caroline    7
On 1/3/2019 at 10:26 AM, Bernard said:

Good stuff bro keep it up!


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Thanks for the update log!

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