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Iron Trees

Couple things I've been thinking about

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Iron Trees    18
Posted (edited)

Hey, just a couple suggestions that I believe would benefit the server. 

Increase some boss drops. Most of the updates around pvm have been about big bosses like Vorkath and Raids. But if you look at boss tables such as Bork, Phoenix, Barrelchest, and Bandos Avatar all have okay rare drops, but the common drops are wack. Very frustrating to kill 100 Bork and constantly get gem drops (by themselves) or a black axe or something.

Add skilling points ingame. Every time you chop a log, or catch a fish or anything like that, have it give 1-5 points depending on the level of what you're doing. Could have things like Runescape achievement diary armors in the shop, or maybe halos or things like that. 

Remove all afk trees in my opinion. All it does is help people get in trouble by wanting to have more than one account, and throws money ingame. Shooting star and evil tree are already fantastic ways to bring money into the game. 

Adding to removing trees above ^, you could also have a junk item smelter, where it has a 1/5 chance to give 150k. People could throw things from pvm or whatever that could potentially give them a profit. But nothing that would be sold from all of the stores already. 

I also think when you get a rare drop and it is announced on chat it should say the killcount also.

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Mak3    3

I like all of the suggestions above I feel they'd be solid additions to the server, especially the boss one as new players struggle with there gear to kill the likes of vorkath and raids. 

Also the skilling points would be incentive to continue if the rewards matched the effort. This would also give another dimension to peoples skilling accounts.


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I Alex I    17


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Kooda    17

Didn't Bork just get Korasi added to the drop table recently though. But I somewhat agree with what your saying. Personally I find myself not being able to come up with much in the way of new exciting rare drops for them, just more of the usual. Something like the Dark Claw being added to Skotizo would be a small, yet appreciated start. Depending on the direction the server is going to be heading in terms of the gear and such, you could adjust drop tables accordingly. Theres potential for so much more in areas for example Arthurs dream. Can add onto the existing monsters drop table or add a 2nd type of npc with a bigger and better table. 

I kind of like the idea of skilling pts, but I would rather there be an extension made upon the Loyalty Pts shop that you unlocked after getting all the titles. Some of those rewards would be similar to your skilling pts ones. Hopefully one day the Prestige pts formula would get fixed and the shop buffed. Those are 2 current game content that I would focus on fixing and perfecting before implementing anything else to add into the mix..

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iMerkkidz    5

Good ideas


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