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R M B T    51

Banner.png                                                                       POSTPONED UNTIL MORE CANDIDATES FOR THE EVENT!

My Fellow Simps


I will be hosting a Pet Hunter race to see how many pets you can get within a 5 day period. You will be challenging each other to this for a nice juicy reward at the end.  Post your in-game name below if you're interested in participating. This will be starting on 15/11/2021 or 11/15/2021. Starting time will be to follow closer to the date! 



1st place will receive a Ruby Box

2nd Place will receive a Emerald Box

3rd Place will receive a Sapphire Box




- Only one type of pet allowed (No duplicate pets)

- Require screenshots of each pet you receive. You can either send me these on Discord "R M B T#0885" or reply back to this Topic. I will be checking the pet drop logs so no cheating! 

- No skilling pets allowed, only PVM pets

 - If you are found cheating, you will be disqualified and removed from the event. 


Remember to have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM in-game or on Discord "R M B T#0885". 

Thanks and good luck. 











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Clay    7

Sounds fun!! Count me in! IGN: Flawless


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