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Iron Trees

All capes ingame

Ingame Capes  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Add benefits to Completionist/Max Cape?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Should Master Capes be removed from donation store 3 and added to Wise Old Man for 200m?

    • Yes, I agree
    • Yes, but not for 200m
    • No, I like they where they are

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Iron Trees    18

I think everybody can agree that the way capes are ingame right now, is ridiculous. Infernal Cape alone has better stats than Completionist Cape, AND Infernal Max Cape, which can be created by buying and using an Infernal Eel from the donation store 2. 

I believe in strength, the capes should go in this order.

  1. Completionist Cape (Believe Infernal/Completionist should be combined together to make Infernal Completionist Cape)
  2. Infernal Max Cape
  3. Infernal Cape
  4. Max Cape
  5. Tokhaar-kal (Kiln)
  6. Fire cape

I also believe that you should be able to combine the Infernal Cape with the Completionist cape, and Max Cape. IMO the Infernal Eel should be removed completely. 

I suggest is to give the Completionist and Max capes benefits. Right now they're just capes with stats. People have grinded hours and hours to get these things. 

The last thing I want to cover is the 2b exp capes. I think it's very unfair for them to be in a donation store. They're experience capes. People grind 2b experience, for what? Nothing now. They should be added to the Wise Old Man, but I'd cover more in another thread.

I added a poll above to see what people agree with more.

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i fully support this the only problem is the master capes if you wanna keep the bonus xp on the capes you should move it down to atleast 1b xp to claim since in rs3 you need 120 to get a master cape which is 104m xp but if you wanna make it 2b xp to claim just remove the bonus xp and give it a different benefit so people will wear them.

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Iron Trees    18

I think master capes should have another bonus for their respective skill, like mining 2x ores or cutting logs 50% faster or something along those lines.

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Kooda    41

I voted yes on adding benefits to Max and Completionist capes. As to what benefits, I am unsure of as of right now.

Also, I am strongly in favour of removing those Master capes from donor shops and putting them where they honestly really should be which is at the Wise Old Man.  I had hoped but was extremely disappointed to find out they weren't available to everyone via this npc. And I actually really agree with the 200m price. If you think about it, if those capes that are in the donor shops were pulled and placed to the Wise Old Mans shops then 200m would be an incredibly good deal for us players. There is a bit of a formula Iron Tree's and I talked about in coming up with a price of 200m for the capes. Max is 50m, Veterans is 75m and Completionist is 100m.

These Master capes should probably be tweaked a bit, as they provide exp bonus the way they are now. But that isn't very beneficial if your maxed exp in the skill already. They could be made to provide cool bonuses like

  1. Firemaking master cape while worn would give you cash for each log you burn. Maybe Magic logs would = 30,000 gp each log burned, Yews = 20,000 and so on.
  2. Thieving master cape perk could be something like while worn you get 50% more loot from the thing your stealing from.
  3. Fletching master cape could be that you would be able to string 5 bow's with a single bowstring.
  4. Runecrafting master cape would allow you to craft double the amount of runes you would if you were not equipping it
  5. Crafting master cape could provide the ability to tan dragonhides anywhere, craft armour without requiring any thread just only a needle, and be able to cut gems without requiring you to have a chisel.
  6. Farming master cape could provide you with the ability to water your plants without possessing a Watering Can and provide 50% larger yields of your crops.

There is so much potential for us to be creative and create something truly unique. 

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Gemini    0

+1 from me for improving the quality and usefulness of all the capes Iron Trees mentioned.

10 hours ago, pvm jonathan said:

i fully support this the only problem is the master capes if you wanna keep the bonus xp on the capes you should move it down to atleast 1b xp to claim since in rs3 you need 120 to get a master cape which is 104m xp but if you wanna make it 2b xp to claim just remove the bonus xp and give it a different benefit so people will wear them.

I also feel that the xp requirement for 120 capes should be lowered, as well as the price for them if they are moved to the Wise Old Man. The reason being is this: If you look at it, 2b xp for us is like the RSPS version of 200m xp in rs3, so lowering the xp requirement to say... 1.04b xp would make sense. This way, the double (or any bonus) xp would still be viable and it would also leave room for adding a cool perk to each cape. Though, that's just me. I also feel like these capes should be worth less gp than AT LEAST the Comp. Cape because from my experiences grinding out xp is WAY easier then completing the achievements for Comp., especially on an Ironman account.

One more thing.. has anyone mentioned or thought of (on a general level) a cape to distinguish those who have maxed-xp in all skills? If this doesn't already exist in-game I think it would be really neato.

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2incher    31
16 hours ago, Freedy75 said:

When you say, Added to Wise old man shop for 200M. You mean 200M XP Right?

No they mean 200m gp, since max/veteran/completionist capes cost money to purchase (50m/75m/100m). Max xp on the server is also 2b xp per skill :P


As for this thread, all I gotta say is YES PLEASE. We all know I was super disappointed with the master capes not being for xp.

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Mind    0

For completionist Cape, maybe make it work as an ava.. also add the "emote" from the infernal max cape to the comp cape^ 

Mastery capes being sold at wise old man is a yes from me^ but maybe only for actual skills and not combat.

2b xp does seem a little steep seeing as a lot of the skills are unbalanced..  maybe 200m xp for mastery?

Last thing: if the infernal eel is to stay In game, please add an option to unbind it from a Cape...

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supreme    27

Will look into the best option for offering these capes like sugggested. Thanks guys

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Athos    26

 Thanks for your suggestion,  benefits to Completionist/Max Cape will be added into the game soon :).

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