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Dem Beatz

Garbage Bin and Murado

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Dem Beatz    4

Got some feedback for these Garbage Bin and Murado.


Garbage bin: His name doesn't do him justice because this staff member is awesome. During my active hours (I'm in New Zealand), Garbage bin is sometimes the only staff member online and helping players all by himself. When I need help from a higher up staff members who have the mod/admin powers to do something, Garbage also doesn't hesitate to get a hold of them for me if I can't.


Murado: Just like Garbage Bin, Murado is always one of the first to respond to my questions in clanchat and can usually be found chilling at home where he is easy to approach and ask questions. Sometimes, even being able to have a chill convo with him just makes my time on the server a lot more fun.


For both staff: they have both never missed any of my questions i ask in private messages. They're easy and fun to banter around with and feels like i'm just speaking to another player rather than just a staff member trying to help me. Both help staff also actively join myself and other players in raid parties who need an extra member or 2 like theatre of blood or chambers of xeric. 


I'd like to continue seeing these two around because the server wouldn't feel the same without them :)



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