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Crystal Zone Improvements

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noobville    5

Hey guys,


I know crystal zone already has dawn which is amazing I am not asking for anything better than Dawn I wanted to start out with that. However, I wish the other NPC's within the crystal zone had more interesting/profitable drops. I am talking about Lizardman Brutes and the Rock Guardians or whatever they are called. I am also not asking for them to be as good as dawn I just want reason to go after the other NPC's whether there are pets, cool aesthetic items, or just better boxes to spice it up. Lizardmen brutes used to be so much better back like a year ago that they were worth grinding as well.


As a player who has played multiple years and donated a bunch I just want more interesting grinds not necessarily better profits. Thanks for reading!

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I'm a diamond donator but should I get to the stage of being crystal it would be nice to look forward to it, I'm aware of dawn being there and some other NPC's and I agree where you're coming from I think even Diamond should get a zone or even some extra reward as its a $500 total but I definitely  think that Crystal being as high up there as it is should get some of the biggest benefits out there  I don't know much about the area but I do think it should give the Crystal donators a reason to spend time there more than other places.


Hopefully this becomes something that gets a boost I'm sure other Crystal donors could give there feedback on the zone.

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