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Iron Trees

Iron Trees Road To All Pets

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Iron Trees    18

So I finished Completionist Cape on Ironman a while ago, and have since been working hard ingame to go for all pets. I personally haven't seen anyone do this, but it is something fun to work towards. Below I'll separate these into 2 sections, skilling and PVM. I will also add the XP/Killcount for each pet. Wish me luck on this grind :)

           Green = Complete            Red = Incomplete

Skilling     1/7

Rift Guardian 


Giant Squirrel

Rock Golem


Beaver 306m



PVM     17/37

Rock Crab - 747



Tzrek-Zuk - 3

King Black Dragon - 307

Slash Bash - 818

Tormented Demon - 1973


General Graardor - 657

Commander Zilyana

K'ril Tsutsuroth

Kree'arra - 193

Frost Dragon

Green Dragon

Bandos Avatar

Baby Blue Dragon

Barrelchest - 282

Lizardman Shaman

Chaos Elemental

Corporeal Beast - 343

Dagannoth Supreme

Dagannoth Prime - 59

Dagannoth Rex

Kalphite Queen - 530




Jungle Strykewyrm - 157


Kraken - 364

Giant Mole - 1894


Ice Strykewyrm - 112



Desert Strykewyrm - 192

Wildywyrm - 35






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Mak3    4

Best of luck completing your goal! Look forward to tracking your progress :)

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Damn man good luck! Should be a fun goal to achieve, I would love to get all pets

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No Namer    15

Nice pet collection so far! Gotta catch them all!!!

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Mind    0

Goodluck with that :) Pokecity 2k19

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