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Simplicity Update Log 10/02/2019

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supreme    23

Some bug fixes and a few things added for you guys :) thanks for the patience!

• Fixed player own shops input & search stayed when you click a shop

• Player owned shops can now have 500 of the same item instead of 5

• Fixed inferno dying bug

• Fixed banking in jail and CW lobby

• Gambler NPC can now take up to 200b bets

• Sacred clay heals past 99 health now

• Added T and QT and QD suffixes to money pouch (GL seeing these ;) )

• ::wyverns no goes to wyverns

• Hydra boss fixes ( almost finished still testing )

• Castle wars scoring proper fix

• Gave poor lewis some more command to help out in the future

• Nerfed vorki & olmlet in sapphire box

• Increased sapphire box to 40 points ( 24 hour sale over )

• Fixed Ava's accumulator

• Max cape picks up arrows & Max cape colors save!

• Fixed NPC updating graphical bug


Thank you,


Arthur & Supreme

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