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Drop Log Dropoff

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Kooda    41

The drop log dropoff, a monster drop sticky. A monster drop is classified as any item obtained directly from killing an npc or can also include raid loot.

No comment on any drop should be made on the sticky, just via PM - this includes questions and similar, you can PM those who get the drops directly and ask them things from there 




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Cass    10

This is actually annoying i've been camping Zulrah praying for one of the 1/900 Zulrah blowpipe drops, i think this was my 2nd kill maybe of the warmonger (doesn't say in log) & i got a 1/900 useless unusable (considering i'm an iron) black santa.. :/
Also it seems someone else got a 1/900 drop during the same kill.

EDIT - I'm beginning to think the boss drop table is broken or i'm just super lucky with it as i got Eternals the next kill lol they are kind of useless since i don't think i've ever seen anyone maging for PvM in this game i suppose but still...

EDIT AGAIN - 2 kills later black h'ween i'm not sure what this is lol is it this common from warmonger for everyone? Starting to wish i wasn't an iron :P

Enough editing i did get some more eternals on my first Ali drop too might aswell start my own drop log..



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