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so, i recently downloaded this and i booted it up and it keeps giving me the error "failed to update files - pplease the launcher on forums." so, naturally i checked the forums. what should i do?

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Syrex    46

You could try these solutions, just do them step for step. let me know if you get stuck on anything,


1st solution:
could you go to your windows settings > apps > apps & features. and then search java like i did here, there should be only 1 version of java installed. if you have 2 please uninstall the one thats not in this screenshot



2nd solution:
https://simplicityps.org/play/ could you download the cache reset tool on the right? and run it.


3rd solution:
jarfix:     https://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe


4th solution:

AFTER you close all clients. Go into C:\users\youruser\ and delete .simplicity and .simplicity cache
also Delete everyting in the %temp% folder. you can find this by typing %temp% in your windows search bar



Let me know if any of these solutions worked for you or not.

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hi, the second solution seems to have worked :) thank you very much for your time and help it's much appreciated. 

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