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Foly    171


First of all I want to say, im not 100% sure if some of these suggestions have been mentioned before.


Paid instances:

Some of the pvm bosses needs to have paid instances. We are rounding up more and more players each day, and we are now consistently having around 250+ players, and it does get quite difficult to do some bosses like: Nex, Lizard shaman, Godwars, and etc. 

Therefore some of them, you should be able to pay around maybe 1m on Lizard Shaman and like 4m on Armadyl, bandos, etc. and like 6m on Nex. (Price is just for reference) (And perhaps there can be given discount on some donor ranks)

This will clean the eco a little bit by time, and make bossing more accesible, 

There could be created an npc for such instance bosses. 

And no, Donor Zone doesn't solve this problem.

CC chat color:

I think, I speak for alot of people when I mention the below suggestion.

The CC chat is really hard to read in fullscreen mode, perhaps change the dark brown color to green like in the screenshot below, or perhaps test it out with the other staff members and agree on a decent color, that doesn't make it hard to read.



Nex banking:

On the Nex boss, you can keep going up the stairs to bank, and re-pot and return to Nex without it resetting, so you can technically do Nex with infinite pots and supplies, which deffinetly isn't ideal.


Gamble/Duel Arena notifications:

I spoke with No namer about this, and I believe you guys already has been talking about this.

When teleporting to Duel Arena and or Gamble a message or notification should be displayed with something similar below, except it should only be "Duel arena/Gambling is at own risk, dont bother staff with your staking problems". 

It's bothersome for the staff members to take care of gambling and staking issues, let the players be warned and let them decide what happends next.



Update in-game icons:

This is something more of a  personal preference, but I think alot of players will agree on this, when I say these icons looks really bad, and needs to be changed to something more appealing. The rest of the Icons looks fine In my opinion.



Add an NPC in Donor Zone or create a comamnd to edit Yell titles.



Update Server Notifications:

There is some server notifications that are outdated or doesn't make sesne.

There is one that says something along the lines of "Advertise the server to get rewards", this doesn't make sense, if I tell my friend to play do I get 10m or something?

Notifications like this need context or overall just get removed.




This suggestion might be impossible or take a long time to develop, but it would be cool if the POS were linked to the Website/Forum, so you could check the POS on the website and search for items/players what they have on the POS. And there could be created a tab beside Community called Marketplace or something where it would be. 


Forum active time/player online Widgets:

Create a top leaderboard, for activity on Forum, people love to see stats and this would make the Forum more appealing.

Since there is still a lot of room for widgets on the bottom right side, there could be added amount of players online currently. A lot of people like myself, go to the Forums first to judge a RSPS of its community and activity. 

Adding something like this above the Discord Widget, would make people who look at the Forum first, see the 250+ players online and most likely gonna attract them to play.



Remove the "Topics", and add 2 different of this kind, one called "Recent Posts" and "Recent Threads".

It's would alot easier and to navigate through like that, with one displaying the newest Threads people have created, and the most recent replies/posts to threads.



Status update information:

Let there either be a tab or a little box with information on either the Website or the Forums, that displays something like Server status: Online or Server status: Offline.

So when server is down for maintance or hosting problems, people could navigate to that to get more clearance. 

Perhaps this can be tied along with the online player status mentioned above.


Update Store:

Anyone who wants to donate won't know what this means. "10 simplicity points for $10.00?" What even is simplicity Points, there needs to more context.



Thanks for reading.

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Eybss    10

Thanks for your suggestion Foly, the staff team will look into them :D

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Athos    26

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, These will be implemented into the game soon :).

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