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Simplicity Update Log 05/03/2019

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Arthur    63

Small update with a lot of fixes and future content! We are preparing the server for BIGGER things. With a lot of interesting and cool updates yet to come. Simplicity has been online for over 6 months now and we are only growing bigger and stronger. The development team is getting better than ever and the staff team has been very active like we have never seen it before.


- Added new maps, locations and items for future boss development.

- Added New Exclusive Gear: Celestial with a very high magic damage bonus, this exclusive set can make you hit up to 217.

- Added new slayer master with new tasks.

- Added new items to the Castle-wars shop.

- Added new items to the Donator shop 2.

- Added Hydra pets with the option to change form.

- Added Hydra pet drops to Hydra boss.

- Added a new method for player saving to make the server more stable.

- Added more moderation tools to easily check the economy state of the server.

- Added more cosmetics to the game for future events.


- Fixed some bugs with object actions related to climbing walls in the new slayer dungeon.

- Fixed some bugs with the stone chest and the rewards.

- Fixed some new weapon interfaces.

- Fixed a bug with banking all but one option.

- Fixed a bug with PoS insert method.

- Fixed a bug with the ikle hydra pets.

- Fixed a bug with Hydra boss (luring to the pool is now accurate).

- Fixed a bug with Magic well.

- Fixed a bug with NPC drop announcements.

- Fixed a bug with Castle wars.

- Fixed a bug with Drop party room.

- Fixed a bug with NPC-updating.

- Fixed a bug with mouse scrolling.


- Removed some drops from Nazastarool. 

- Removed some useless code that was possibly lagging the server.

- Removed the Anniversary deals. Pm Arthur or Supreme for private deals, these are available.

- Changed some more drops in the new slayer monster dungeon.

- Changed the location of some npc's in edgeville to reduce lag and make edgeville look cleaner.


The development is busy fixing all the known bugs and at the same time we are adding more content! We appreciate all the bug reports and suggestions. Thank you for playing Simplicity.


Simplicity Team

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Quartz    1

Good work, great updates!

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Foly    39

Nice set of bugfixes. 

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Fastneasy    17

Awesome glad to see more additions coming along too! Great work keep up the great updates!

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budziller    0

can we buff the rev weapons for the wilderness and add a few items to the wilderness boss drop tables to make the wilderness more active?


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