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Simplicity Update Log 18/03/2019

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Arthur    75

New update full of fixes and tweaks and more!

1. Boots of brimstone now require 44 Slayer instead of 44 farming.
2. Christmas AFK has now been replaced with a regular tree.
3. From Party Room, when getting a stackable item, you now get a random amount from 1 to the amount in the chest
4. The Party Room lever can now be pulled every 10 minutes instead of 1.
5. Range combat has been buffed slightly.
6. Ability to note items by using them on bank booths.
7. There's now a 2 second refreeze immunity from spells.
8. You can now craft your cut gems into amulets.
9. All flasks are now decantable.
10. Logging out while spectating will now put you in your last spot.
11. Corporeal beast can now be entered in an instance version as well as global.

12. All elite clue scrolls are now usable in steps and give reward in the end. (coming to droptables soon)
13. Goodie bag deals and discounts have their own interface and working.
14. Ring of slayer now tells you your Konar task.
15. Ring of slayer now teleports you to your task including tasks from Konar
16. Saggitarian armour now has healing effects like nex armour

17. Tweaks and fixes with Hydra boss.
18. New commands added for easier moderation.
19. Logs added for tracking active hours of staff members.

20. Nex boss fixed for multi and instanced entrance.

21. Stone chest (crate) added at edgeville home to get prizes from the stone keys.

22. Pvp armour and weapons don't degrade in 1-2 hits anymore. They now degrade in 500 hits.

Reload your client to get all the latest changes! Thank you for playing!

- Simplicity Team

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Foly    39

Love these updates.

I love you, and everyone who contributed. <3 Kevin 

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J D    0

Ayeeee - Good Qols and glad nex is back! What about PVP armour? That seems to have changed? :P Time foa stick up staffs ass as well on 19.! :P



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