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Simplicity Update Log 20/03/2019

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Arthur    75

Some tweaks and fixes today.

1. Ali doesn't multi spawn anymore.
2. Corp doesn't multi spawn anymore.
3. Degrading system now doesn't transfer item state when trading.
4. Degrading system when you now use up all states on item A, item B will now have full state to use.
5. Konar now gives more tasks than blue dragon.
6. Using slayer ring to teleport to king black dragon slayer task now works.
7. Rockfishing barrel moved to rogues castle skilling spot.
8. Removed worldwide item combination message.
9. You can now eat up to 162 with sagittarian including soulsplit and saradomin brew.
10. You can now see slayer rewards with konar.
11. Proboscis is no longer stackable.
12. Decanter now decants flask as well.
13. Portal and gypsy moved to home2 (varrock) and working.
14. More tweaks with Hydra boss.


Thank you,


Simplicity Team

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Foly    39

Have a threesome with Kevin and I?

oh.. and nice fixes.

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