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Simplicity Update Log 01/04/2019

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Arthur    75

Thank you all for playing and Happy April Fool's day!

- Implemented Two-Factor Authentication to the client to have a higher account security. (::2step)
- Changed the method for voting rewards. You should now be getting enough vote points.
- New instance system with many fixes such multi spawns, items on ground, entering the same instance, re-entering etc.

- Added Rainbow afro (Cosmetic).
- Added several new pets (Very rare).
- Added Santa costume set (Cosmetic).
- Added a few new items to the vote shop.
- Added a method for item transformation into NPC's. 
- Added a few missing items to the rare drop announcements.
- Added Scythe of Vitur to the vote shop for 100,000 vote points.
- Added more commands for high admins to control the server against unexpected threats.
- Added a super limited custom Sagittarian set (Light Sagittarian) with 20% Higher damage than the normal set.

- You can now use wyrm bones on altar.
- You can now search for Glaiven boots in POS.
- You can now dig for clue on top of barrow hills.
- You can now teleport to dark beast (Konar task).
- You can now teleport to Nex with the ::nex command.

- Fixed a major bug with Magic well.
- Fixed a model issue with Sagittarian boots.
- Fixed a model issue with Anguish (or) necklace. 
- Fixed a few issues with Compromised accounts.
- Fixed several bugs with commands related to moderating the server.
- Fixed a major issue with moderation tools used to control the server.

- Onyx 2h is now untradeable.
- Staking over max cash is now fixed.
- Overload potion now doesn't give vial when finished.
- New deals are available and they expire in 3 days! Type ::adeals
- Please reload your client to get all the latest updates, changes and fixes!

Thank you for playing!
- Arthur, Supreme & THE SIMP GANG TEAM!

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J D    0

Ayee - only played since you've been owner, has been great - look forward to more being added - updates look class as per, glad a lot has been fixed!

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Fastneasy    26

LOVE SEEING THESE UPDATES BY YOU!!! Even though time and time again i hit heads with you about updates you seem to never disappoint at releasing an update. If anyone ever calls you out on not showing server some love. I'll be sure to debate with them like I did earlier with a person (I shouldnt name him lol). Besides that I can't fully agree ill stop with the feedback of things i may not like. But one things for sure you're showing more compassion for this server than i've seen from any other previous owner! Keeping doing great work bud! 

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