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Rev Gear Degradation

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Fastneasy    28

Hey all!,

So everyone knows the 500 hit count on rev gear before they degrade completely. Which is fine. I believe this should be just secluded for wilderness purposes only however outside of wilderness it should either have a higher hit count or not degradable at all when killing npcs. Main reason for this is that most people usually go from bandos to vesta/statius or arma to morrigans, or ahrims to zuriels. Before they start upgrading towards nex gear. However once the well added bandos upgrading to torva gear. It sort of eliminated the use of rev gear completely. Also allowing bandos to jump to torva it also brought down the price of mid-tier gear which is rev gear in this case. So with others thoughts/opinions on this I believe we should have an update on rev gear so that players can slowly upgrade from low-tier to mid-tier to high-tier weapons/armor?


- Fastneasy 

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Mak3    79

I agree with this suggestion, with Bandos being able to turn into Torva as well, there isn't any Bandos on the market for new players to purchase as everyone places in well. 

I think with Bandos currently at 100m a piece, Vesta, Stat and Zuriels could easily be priced 400-500m a piece and then onto Torva at 2b ea a piece. I feel this would be a steady and easily achievable climb for new players 

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Ss Aero    4

i could agree with this instead of just completely not degradable as well would fix all 3 prices to in one to a point. where they all r relevant again +1

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