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Update log 11/04/2019

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Arthur    124

A new fresh update full of fixes and new content. Please reload your client to get all the latest changes.
Thank you all for playing and there is so much more to come, so stay tuned!

- Reworked the loot boxes method.
- Reworked some methods related to the combat system.
- Reworked the method for player trading to fix some bugs.
- Reworked the accuracy, special attack and damage boost of all the melee weapons.

- Saradomin brew flask can now be decanted.
- Renamed the Item pets to cause less confusion.
- Elite void melee now works for melee combat bonus.
- Teleporting to wilderness will now give you a warning.
- Elite void ranged now works for ranged combat bonus.
- You can now view your ranged strength on the equipment screen
- Sagittarian now heals 139 max for soulsplit and 162 max using rocktail.
- Discounts and goodie-bag deals now take time in minutes instead of hours.
- King black dragon now counts as a slayer task when slaying Black Dragons.
- Cutting gems into glories now counts towards "making 1000 glories" achievement.
- Recipe for disaster minigame teleport now teleports you to the right location as well as dying.

- Fixed a bug with commands.
- Fixed a few errors with the Item pets.
- Fixed a few errors with the SQL database.
- Fixed a few bugs with some item requirements.
- Fixed a major issue that was causing lag from time to time.

- Added new commands for high staff.
- Added new rewards for Elite clue scroll.
- Added Elite clue scroll drop to more drop-tables.
- Added more rare items to the rare drops notifications.
- Added extra social media buttons on the Game client.
- Added more shop information for items in the donator store.
- Added Elite Wizard Box (This box is better than the Wizard Box).
- Added Elite Warrior Box (This box is better than the Warrior Box).
- Added Elite Archery Box (This box is better than the Archery Box).
- Added Emerald Mystery Box (This box is better than the Sapphire Box).
- Added a new method to remember more than one account on your Game client.
- Added new objects for custom zones and other locations for future development.
- Added new buttons for the Game client to make it look better and smoother for everyone.
- Added new zones for future development related to Exclusive areas, Monsters and Bosses.
- Added ELITE Donation deals. Very Very Exclusive deals with A LOT of goodies.
There are 2 exclusive deals and 4 LIMITED Exclusive deals. The command to see the deals is ::elitedeals. 
- Added a new extra benefit for donating. It's called Bonus deals, from time to time one of the administrators can activate a bonus for players to receive when claiming a donation. To see these active bonus deals you use the ::bonusdeals command.

Thank you,
Arthur, Supreme & The Simplicity Team.

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Kooda    41

Looks promising. Curious to see how these new zones turn out in the future.

Elite Clues are a great addition.

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h v a c    1

Pretty big list of updates, not many servers left out there that will still release this much content at once! looking forward to future updates nice job!

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