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99 Runecrafting Guide

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Runecrafting Guide

To get started click on the Runecrafting skill to teleport to the Runecrafting area.  


Talk to Wizard to purchase the required talismans.

Talk to Wizard Distentor for pouches

Right click the talisman and select the locate option (You will be teleported to the altar).



NOTE: These are BASE EXP Rates. No bonuses such as Well of Goodwill have been applied.
Air Runes                    Mind Runes              Water Runes
1 Runecrafting               2 Runecrafting             6 Runecrafting
EXP: 138                      EXP: 161                    EXP: 172 
Earth Runes                   Fire Runes                    Body Runes
9 Runecrafting                 14 Runecrafting               20 Runecrafting
EXP: 195                         EXP: 241                         EXP: 281
Cosmic Runes                  Chaos Runes                 Nature Runes
27 Runecrafting                  35 Runecrafting               44 Runecrafting
EXP: 402                            EXP: 517                         EXP: 586
Law Runes                         Death Runes                Blood Runes
54 Runecrafting                    65 Runecrafting              77 Runecrafting
EXP: 818                             EXP: 1,100                       EXP: 1,598



From level 40 onward you want to begin Siphoning energy sources. Use the Runecrafting teleport to get to the energy sources.


When siphoning you will receive Energy fragments. These fragments can be used in the Runecrafting Store (speak to Wizard Distentor) to purchase pouches which hold Rune/Pure Essence. 


There are 3 pouches:


Small pouch - Holds up to 3 extra essence (Price: 400 fragments)

Medium pouch - Holds up to 9 extra essence (Price: 750 fragments)

Large pouch - Holds up to 18 extra essence (Price: 1100 fragments)





Requirement: 40 Runecrafting (Green siphon)

EXP: 2,000 per siphon (Base EXP Rate)


You will need food in your inventory because the energy sources deal damage. I take an inventory of brews so I don't have to back as often.






This is the fastest RC EXP you can get. Siphon the yellow energy source from levels 72 - 99.


Requirement: 72 Runecrafting (Yellow siphon)

EXP: 4,700 per siphon (Base EXP rate)



There is also Siphon spots for Donators at ::di then west 


Congratulations you're 99 Runecrafting 

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