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Update Log 21/04/2019

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supreme    27


- Fixed the special attack for korasi.
- Fixed some bugs with Hand Cannon combat.
- Fixed the issue with the new elite clue scroll rewards.
- Fixed some issues with Nex boss, instanced and team Nex boss.
- Fixed an issue with the blowpipe combat that was causing it to very high.
- Fixed a bug with Head moderator rank to see all the help requests of players.
- Fixed a bug with the flames of Hydra boss. The flames were being seen at other instanced locations.

- Fixes to vote hopefully more reliable!


- Added Easter bunny to Edgeville.
- Added a small Easter event with a cosmetic reward.
- Added the icon for Iron-man and Ultimate Iron-man for Friend list Private messaging.

- Tweaked some of the special attacks for combat improvements.
- Ring of slayer teleports will take you to the right location now. 
- Teak planks will no longer give more XP than mahogany for construction.
- Changed the combat of Hydra Boss to solve some issues that some players were facing.
- New admin commands to aide managing the wonderful players

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Timetopvm    0

Yeah please fix the blowpipe. For new players like myself it's a good goal to go for as it was a very good weapon to farm bosses with now it's pretty much garbage for anything but lava giants and higher tier weapons are reeeeallly expensive

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Master    0
7 hours ago, thresh said:

blowpipes are so trash now! please fix.

magma < 1B? Range taking a hit in the combat triangle.

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thresh    3

its been 20 hours and blowpipe still not hot fixed. I didn't pay 50 bucks for a wep that smacks a max 14. fix or I will refund.

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Zri    0

still can see other player hydra flames on my instance :(

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