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FF_    7

So i got bored after getting 50b xp and comp i was gonna grind for all pets but thought of this instead. I'm doing it on an alt called 1000 kills.

i wanted to start with some easy ones more will come planning on doing most of everything except of things that are pure cancer.


^ Forgot to take out 3 pets ring of bosses doubles them.





TjXOs8i.png7SypgPb.png Got 25 elite clues



Loot from the 2 sapphire boxes 685671049_hydrasapphirebox.png.a7bf1782f296edd00db52afbec99c3ab.png Loot from the 47 gold bags 730541940_hydracoinbags.png.3fc1406a765d574f699e3ec19c4c206f.png 

loot from keys g8DN0zx.png


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update for hydra.
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Master Cut22    25

Interesting achievement! Keep it coming.. People can use the post as a reference to expected loot after 1000 kills of monsters! 

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Foly    39

Looks good, Im gonna be expecting 1000 Inferno kills.

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