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Simplicity Update Log 18/05/2019

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Arthur    74

Lots of adding, testing and more adding went into this! Thanks to all the staff for helping test and get this update out :). New zones, monsters, items and more! Enjoy the new Simplicity update full of fixes and new content. Thank you for playing!

• Fixed female models for items
• Fixed toxic staff of the dead female model being bugged
• Shop updates:
    -Converted to XML for items instead of SQL
    -Removed the random items from the agility shop
    -Shop interface now sells 'infinite' amounts for all items
    -Shop interface now displays the price instead of the amount of items you can buy
• Crystal Donator Rank with a new AFK Zone & Boss / Monster zones. 
• Crystal Halberd (i) (Customized wep), one of the benefits for achieving Crystal rank.
• Added dark sacred clay set
• Added alot of backend changes that should help lag
• New portal at Arthur's dream that can bring you to a new zone with new monsters.
• Fixed a bug where OSRS items that had a recolor to it weren't correct. This was only some items (blood money for example were displaying yellow)
• Added blood money shop ingame, removed PKP shop
• Redid killstreak rewards
    -You now get blood money boosts for every kill after you are on a killstreak.
    -100+ kills ~ 150 bonus blood money per kill
    -50+ kills ~ 100 bonus blood money per kill
    -20+ kills ~ 75 bonus blood money per kill
    -10+ kills ~ 50 bonus blood money per kill
    -5+ kills ~ 25 bonus blood money per kill
    -This is only announced globally when you obtain the killstreak 'requirement'
• Converted obtaining PKP over to Blood Money with new formula:
    -Pk in a 'hotspot' and obtain DOUBLE blood money!
        -Edgeville currently is the only hotspot
    -You will gain random amounts of blood money each kill
    -The HIGHEST amount of blood money you can obtain is determined by many factors
        -Wilderness level
        -Tuesday double blood money boost
• If you obtain an item that is non existant, it will now appear as a tool kit instead of invisable
• Converted 'mandrith' to a new npc
• Added items to blood money shop
• Changed text of the prices in shops to be centered + positioned better
• Created map of wilderness ideas
• Started reworking teleport interface to a better layout
• Converted barrows sets to OSRS version so it looks better
• Started on reworking the wilderness.. lots of stuff in progress
• Added new blood money store
• Set all prices in the blood money shop
• Remade teleport interface design
• Implemented favorite teleports to the teleport interface
• Revenants & bosses in the wilderness now drop:
    -ALWAYS - Blood money (35-75) per kill
    -Rare - Pvp armour - 25% increased drop rate if skulled
• Added revenant cave teleport to teleport interface
• Fixed obtaining multiple pieces of lumberjack of the same kind if the pieces were stored in your bank.
• The banker at the fishing area will now note your items
• Fixed adding items to rune pouch and losing them if your rune pouch is full
• Fixed the right click bug in resizable/fullscreen where you would right click and hover over an option and it would click the wrong option
• You can now decant the following potions:
    -Zamorak brews
    -Super anti posions
    -Recovery specials
• Head moderators can now use macban
• You can now obtain a 25 slayer streak for more bonus points instead of capping at 10
• Skilling pets now give a 10% xp boost to their skill.
• Fixed ale of the gods stand & walk animations
• Head moderators now have the moderator unlimited prayer feature
• All players can now use tab to reply to any player
• Started on Verzik Vitur (research, added npc defs, adding maps locations)
• New OSRS map system added, now can add any osrs map in seconds without affecting original map data
        - Created new cache index '9' that stores all oldschool maps
        - Implemented file OldschoolMaps that holds all osrs regions, when a region is added to this it will replace the pre eoc area with the oldschool area. No editing cache necessary.
            + So easy even kevin could add an osrs map now
        - Client now reads osrs map index aswell as pre eoc map index to get map data for the specific region
        - Altered object definitions so all osrs objects are now 100k + (regular id) to prevent pre eoc objects from coliding with osrs objects
        - + More, removed old broken map stuff, etc
• Altered all object clicking packets & item on object packet to support object ids > 100k for the new oldschool map system
• Added osrs map clipping into the server alongside pre eoc clipping.
        - The server now holds ALL osrs map files for clipping AND ALL pre eoc map files for clipping.
        - Added OldschoolMaps file to the server, adding the oldschool region to this id enables osrs clipping for that region.
        - Removed seperated code used in woodcutting/mining for osrs objects since we now dont have coliding osrs object ids
• Fixed a bug with floors on new osrs maps system
• Theatre of blood maps added
• Moved demonic gorillas to the actual demonic gorillas map
• Made excel document outlining all range items
• Tested all range items max hits
• Fixed range speeds on:
    -Hand cannon
• ::demonics teleport fixed
• You can now decant antipoison potions
• Wildywyrm now drops blood money
• Blood money shop no longer says pk points
• Fixed buying items in shops
• Fixed heavy ballista animations
• Fixed skeletons slayer task not counting skeletons in chaos tunnels
• Fixed not getting slayer points after getting a 10 slayer streak
• Fixed entering/exiting revenant cave
• Added crystal rank crown to cache
• Infernal axe, emerald rapier and onyx 2h is now untradeable/unsellable
• You can no longer teleport to a boss instance such as zulrah with a slayer ring if you are already there
• Lumberjack, agile and runecrafting outfit is now untradeable

Thank you for playing and all the support!

Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team

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Master Cut22    25

HUUUUGEEE UPDATE! haha love to see the bottom part of the log is fixes from the same exact update, testing went well and we managed to prevent a lot of bugs hitting the live server due to this! :D enjoy guys

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Kooda    41
2 hours ago, I Alex I said:

Lost all my pkp's, wish we had a chance using them before u removed them.....

RIP 350-or-so PK pts for me.

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Master Cut22    25

@Koodathere was a conversion from pkp to bm to take plae upon first login that didn't happen correctly, hopefully this conversion can be made and you wont lose out :)

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Arthur    74
2 hours ago, I Alex I said:

Lost all my pkp's, wish we had a chance using them before u removed them.....

You will get those refunded in blood money. Was supposed to happen automatically but somehow it didn't work. So don't worry we will sort that out when the developer fixes it! :)

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