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My Ideas (List)

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Tenogard    2

First of all Good job on the new updates and game improvements! I've been thinking and playing for a while now.. and while all this time playing I have met and thought about several ideas, here it goes:

*::bossevents timer has always been a problem (currently with warmonger boss) maybe needs a fix? also maybe new boss included along warmonger and ali? like a 24hr boss??

*Szone would be more of an attraction to Sapphire+ members if a zone with Drewens was added in the Zone, and maybe arranged too..

*::nightbeasts with better drops and buff the monster?

*Speaking of Hydra.. I think we'd all wish if a Hydra Cape was added like the Raids, Nex and Vorkath's capes.. This will attract more players and also think about the donators who're willing to buy it.. 

*People who prefer ranged start from BP to MBP then when they hit enough they get Tbow.. due to the difference between MBP and Tbow is like 70B+ I'd suggest a new kind of BP worth at least 20B-ish would help the fellow rangers deal more damage. If it's not a new BP it could be something else atleast.

*New Elite clues and juicy rewards were added, how about the new Clue Boss?! :D

*Adding Ice Demon Boss


Hope this Topic is useful, thank you for your time considering these suggestions.

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Daidai    0
6 hours ago, Tenogard said:

*Speaking of Hydra......

....fixing fires.

+1 on the suggestions

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Foly    171


The bosstimer, should be fixed by next update.

And we are working on making Sapphire zone, alot more appealing for sapp donators.

We are also working on making Nightbeast more attractive.

Also we will find a mid tier weapon betweeen MBP and Tbow to decrease the huge cap in cost. 


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