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Liquids Inferno Cape/Pet Service

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Liquids    11

Hello Everyone!

I've camped Inferno for the pet and now feel like I am good (and lucky) enough to provide this service for others who may not have the gear to get the Inferno cape themselves. I charge a fee of 2B for the cape and the fee for the pet can be found below.


99 HP

99 Def

99 Ranged

80 Prayer

Essentially I would transfer my gear to your account, complete the Inferno for you, and you can pay once you log back in to your account.

It doesn't even require you to change your password or your PIN. Simply use ::changepassword to create a new password for me to use and use the town crier to change your pin until I am done. Once You are logged back in, change your password and PIN back to the original.

If you're interested in this service simply PM me in-game :)

I can also provide a pet service

I can also camp the Inferno long-term for the pet. However, since the pet is a 1/50 drop and isn't even guaranteed to be dropped in 50 kills, payment will differ.

Currently I can offer this service for 30B for every 50 kills + 200m for every kill in between 50

ex. If you get the pet after 74 kills, payment would = 30b + (200m x 24) or 34.8b

If you decide to pull out of the service after a number of kills, I can offer a 50% discount, so if I do 100 kills, I would only expect 30b payment instead of 60b.

Lastly, you do not need to provide any gear or food/pots. I will also transfer over overloads/rocktails until the service has been provided.

I look forward to providing players with the Inferno cape well into the future :)


P.S. Below are vouches from players who I have provided the service for.

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Liquids    11
Posted (edited)

Provided Inferno Cape to the below players

Skild (Gratz on 2nd pet btw :))

Snack N Wack



Edited by Liquids

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420    0

Liquids is a boss, good price and it didn't even take him 5 mins. definitely recommend him to anyone who would rather pay someone than do it themselves lol.

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^^^ that's me lol

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Liquids    11

Service currently on hold while I get crystal rank.

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Liquids    11

Back up and running! PM me in-game.

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Blixy    0

Very nice man keep up the good work :)

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