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Block Slayer Tasks.

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B R A D    1

Hey guys,

As someone that LOVES slayer, it's one skill I want to see be worked on imo;

The shop/rewards is a little lacklustre (but that's a whole different thread)

I propose as a new reward to be earned from the shop is that we have the ability to block certain tasks for "x" amount of points + only actually be able to block "x" amount of monsters (similar to RS in general)

My idea was;


X1 task blocked = 200 points

Now, reasoning behind that, points are very easy to come by, streaks + x2 days, this would be achievable in a few hours so it's not out of reach for any player.

Say, the max amount of tasks blocked will be 5, 200x5=1000 points

Unblocking a task will obviously open up a space again.

May seem pointless to some but blocking tasks we either don't like OR don't need to do anymore (pet hunters) whilst still gaining xp for the skill.


I know we may have bigger things to be looking at atm, but, just bare it in mind,


Let me know what you guys think!

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Master Cut22    25

I'm all for adding content to slayer as its a favoured skill by many!

Thanks for your suggestion, the staff team will come to a decision shortly :) 

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