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Simplicity Update Log 5/06/2019

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Kevin    18
Posted (edited)


Simplicity Update & Bug fixes 5/06/2019

We would like to welcome the newest member of our development team Lare96 :) Great work from him this week!

Special Thanks To:
Master Cut22 for tracking bugs and communicating with the development team to fix them
Kevin, 2incher, Athos, Foly, Ohiofort01 for approving and organizing community suggestions in a way to maximize creation of community suggested content!


•  The "Invite" option will now disappear when starting a Raid

•  Added more derwen spawns 

•  You will no longer receive free Castle wars tickets when in the waiting rooms

•  When loading presets, it will now be able to consistently find all items. It will also no longer remove placeholders.

•  New textured capes added (coming soon)


•  The Tome of Frost now equips to the correct slot. It also acts as a source of infinite water runes and lights up the spellbook.

• You can no longer withdraw from the money pouch within minigames.

•  Small, medium, and large rune pouches are no longer act as one pouch. They can each hold different amounts of pure/rune essence.

•  Cow Massacre minigame beta


•  ::commands interface now displays correct and full commands.

•  All wilderness obelisks now work

•  Some object ID fixes for new osrs models

•  Fixed very serious issue with shops

• Picking mysterious herbs now awards Herblore XP instead of Fishing XP. It will also no longer give a chance at Heron pet

• Players can no longer drop items, follow another player, or talk if they haven't entered their bank pin or their account is compromised

• Clue Digging at level 14 wildy at a statue of a warrior now works 

• Withdrawing items from the Pak Yak will only remove what can fit in your inventory, and will no longer drop items on the ground noted

• Fixed guthin's set healing effect

• Added ::ffaevents that staff can start

• FFA events will now track all participating players and automatically award the winner. It will also not send staff back to home when they are eliminated so they can moderate

• PKP have been removed from quest tab. The empty gap has been filled in

• Preset option on raids bank chest now works

• Fixed bug with hydra that allowed players to win faster

• You can now place items on the trading interface regardless of inventory space

• More development done on Verzik boss. Working more in-depth for next update

~ Thanks for your support ~
~ Simplicity Development Team ~

Edited by Kevin

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Kooda    41

Good fixes. Happy with the update.

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Foly    39

Nice updates :) 

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Liquids    11

Looking forward to this new boss. Great update.

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Great Update you guys, keep up the good work!

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Katie    0

Thank you for the continuous updates and fixes!

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