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  2. Some good suggestions! Noice.
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  5. I agree on all of these suggestions. Maby a higher drop rate for armadyl>pernix since armadyl is easier to obtain
  6. added a few more things
  7. All seem fair and good additions to the server, I wouldn't have any problems with these!
  8. Thank you once again for taking a look at my suggestions! 1) New High tier Gloves better than flame gloves. 2) Since Bandos can be welled into Torva can armadyl be welled into pernix? 3) ::shops command where it will teleport you to the shops in edgeville 4) Drewens are now empty for some reason (Speaking for non-Donors Max players) Maybe a small buff on their loots or HP nerf? For now that's what i got I hope you'd all for consider these suggestions! #SIMPGANG
  9. Please disable gems on these as they fill up your inventory and prevent you from continuing to mine. As a crystal donor I'd rather use the afk rock over the rubytree but I can't right now because I have to bank the gems every 30mins (sometimes less). Same with shooting star. Not many players do it and it takes a while to get rid of the star on your own. Would be extremely helpful to be able to afk while mining it.
  10. Yeah I thought about that too. We could maybe solve that by adding these boxes to other drop tables (like Corp for ex.) at a higher rate so max gear players would stick to those. I just think new players who have poor gear should be able to kill something to make money.
  11. Took less than 2 minutes and was able to see his progress from my alt. very efficient <333
  12. I'm not sure about the boxes to godwars. The way I see that is if they did add them, players with scythe can kill 100's per hour and get these boxes easily. The same happened at lava's that's why they changed the drop rates.
  13. I agree to all 3 things. i also think that crystal zone needs more bosses. In my opinion its not worth to reach crystal. And Maybe update Slayer reward shop too.
  14. I like the suggestion with combat boxes on gwd boses. - Celestial to 139 is already approved, and will be changed in a future update. - We are working on updating boss/Trivia store. Im not sure if I agree on the last suggestion, but I will remain neutral until I see more peoples opinions/suggestions on it.
  15. Figured I'd start a thread on here instead of posting in Discord and such. I'll add to the list as I think of them. - Add Warrior/Archer/Wizard boxes and their elite versions to GWD Bosses to make them viable again and to allow newer players a way to (potentially) get rare items like Scythe from PvM. And please don't make them something awful like 1 in 850 because they really aren't that good and no new player is going to grind armadyl for 850 kills for a morrigans coif. I think reg boxes should be 1 in 20/30 and elites 1 in 50/75 from these monsters as theyre tough-ish to kill and predominantly targeted at newer players. - Please god adjust Celestial set to boost hp to 139 (pretty please). Just think it makes sense since mage is the worst of the 3 combat styles anyway, should at least give it same hp benefits otherwise theres no reason to use. - Update trivia/boss point store with useful items (again, so newer players have another way to achieve some of the top tier gear like Nex sets or even Justi/Saggi) - maybe something like 750 pts for a justi piece? IDK. I also know that this has been suggested and I think accepted but I just wanted to make sure lol. - Add some sort of bonus to Dawn/Ankou/Lizardman Brutes/Stone things that activate an increased drop rate for server. This one is a bit weird so let me explain. Potentially it would be a drop (like a box or w.e) that when you open, grants the entire server a 15% rare drop increase for something like 30mins - 1 hr. Obviously with it being this strong it would have to be something like a 1 in 900 drop rate, but I think it would be cool to give Crystal players a reason to grind that benefits themselves but also the rest of the server. Crystal donor bosses are supposed to be overpowered, and I think this is a cool and different way to make them just that while improving QOL for all players. I think this would make the most sense as a Dawn drop since its the longest to kill apart from Ankou and Ankou 1 in 900 drop table is kind of a shit show as is. That's all I got for now. Not sure how these are gonna go over but feel free to rip me a new on in responses or just cuss me out in-game <3
  16. I was asked to do this <3
  17. Nice updates boys! Keep up the good work.
  18. I would like to thank you all for your hard work and great job on this new exciting update! A big well done and a big thank you for listening to our suggestions! You guys rock! <3 #SIMPGANG
  19. Hope you all like the update
  20. WE HAVE ADDED 4 SUMMER EXCLUSIVE DEALS AND 4 LIMITED DEALS 🌴THESE DEALS EXPIRE VERY SOON🌴 🌴 CLAIM $50 TO GET 🌴 β˜€ 120 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $20 Donation Scroll β˜€ 30 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 🌴THIS DEAL IS WORTH $300🌴 🌴 CLAIM $100 TO GET 🌴 β˜€ 250 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $50 Donation Scroll β˜€ 1 Emerald Box + 1 Sapphire Box β˜€ 60 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 🌴THIS DEAL IS WORTH $700🌴 🌴 CLAIM $200 TO GET 🌴 β˜€ 550 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll β˜€ 3 Emerald Boxes + 3 Sapphire Boxes β˜€ 120 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) β˜€ 1x FULL TORVA or VIRTUS or PERNIX Set + Guardian Boots 🌴THIS DEAL IS WORTH $1700🌴 🌴 CLAIM $300 TO GET 🌴 β˜€ 800 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll (2) β˜€ 8 Emerald Boxes + 8 Sapphire Boxes β˜€ Full NEX set + Justiciar Set + Angelic boots β˜€ 300 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery / Wizard / Warrior) 😱THIS DEAL IS WORTH $4000😱 ULTRA LIMITED SUMMER DEAL LIMITED DEAL: 5/10 AVAILABLE 🌴🌴CLAIM $500 TO GET🌴🌴 β˜€ 1400 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll (5) β˜€ 10 Emerald Boxes β˜€ 10 Sapphire Boxes β˜€ 250 Six month anniversary bags β˜€ 250 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) β˜€ Full SAGITTARIAN Set + Ring Of Bosses + Angelic Boots 😱THIS DEAL IS WORTH $6500😱 VITUR X SUMMER DEAL LIMITED DEAL: 2/5 AVAILABLE 🌴🌴CLAIM $500 TO GET🌴🌴 β˜€ 1400 Points (rewarded on donation claim) β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll (5) β˜€ 10 Emerald Boxes β˜€ 150 Six month anniversary bags β˜€ 150 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) β˜€ Scythe of Vitur X + Angelic Boots 😱THIS DEAL IS WORTH $6500😱 DARK LIMITED SUMMER DEAL LIMITED DEAL: 2/3 AVAILABLE 🌴🌴🌴CLAIM $1000 TO GET🌴🌴🌴 β˜€ 2800 Points (rewarded on donation claim)β˜€ β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll (10) β˜€ β˜€ 50 Diamond Boxes β˜€ β˜€ 20 Emerald Boxes β˜€ β˜€ 20 Sapphire Boxes β˜€ β˜€ RING OF BOSSES + ANGELIC BOOTS β˜€ β˜€ Hydra / Nex / Raids / Vorkath or Corporeal Cape β˜€ β˜€ 400 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) β˜€ β˜€ FULL DARK SACRED CLAY SET + SCYTHE OF VITUR X β˜€ 😱THIS DEAL IS WORTH $14000😱 FIRE LIMITED SUMMER DEAL LIMITED DEAL: 1/3 AVAILABLE 🌴🌴🌴CLAIM $1000 TO GET🌴🌴🌴 β˜€ 2800 Points (rewarded on donation claim)β˜€ β˜€ $100 Donation Scroll (10) β˜€ β˜€ 50 Diamond Boxes β˜€ β˜€ 20 Emerald Boxes β˜€ β˜€ 20 Sapphire Boxes β˜€ β˜€ RING OF BOSSES + ANGELIC BOOTS β˜€ β˜€ Hydra / Nex / Raids / Vorkath or Corporeal Cape β˜€ β˜€ 400 ELITE-COMBAT Boxes (Elite Archery, Wizard & Warrior) β˜€ β˜€ FULL LIGHT SAGITTARIAN SET + FIRE TWISTED BOW β˜€ 😱THIS DEAL IS WORTH $14000😱
  21. We are excited to welcome Jonny & Leviticus to the development team! We now have 3 dedicated developers on our team to add a lot more content and move things much faster! Hope you guys enjoy this update and we appreciate all the support you guys have given us. New Content β€’ Added a new monster and a new zone for Crystal Donators. β€’ Added all boss events to the new command (::events). β€’ Added a 50B XP master item that turns you into a rare NPC. β€’ Added TEKTON event boss (Spawns ever 3 hours and drops to 10 players). β€’ Added Tekton pet, Tektiny. β€’ Added blood money to now give a minimum of 100, maximum of 225. (based on combat level) β€’ Added a notification to let staff know if a player is in their home (for teleto / teletome cmd). β€’ Added a utility world message for box messages so that can be blocked easily. β€’ Added a Wilderness Chest at level 23 wilderness with a lot of nice rewards. β€’ Added new monsters in the wilderness, Skeletal Mystic. β€’ Added Wilderness Key to the droptable of Skeletal Mystic. β€’ Added Mystery Box and Legendary Mystery Box to ::togglealert blacklist. β€’ Added ::redeembloodmoney command for the pkp conversion. β€’ Added a restriction with chatbox popup for the afk money making methods. β€’ Added ::findmonster clue scroll (elite). β€’ Added bonus milestones to the well of goodwill. β€’ Added more Porazdir spawns to Onyx Hall. β€’ Added more drops to Dawn. β€’ Added missing clue scroll items to clue scrolls reward list. β€’ Added Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes. β€’ Added the creation of Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes with drops from the bosses. Bug Fixes β€’ Fixed cows hidden prize reward. β€’ Fixed the find drop command for Ankou. β€’ Fixed Raids bug where a player should not swap with a player that gets killed. β€’ Fixed a bug with Boss Event Timers and created a smooth events interface command. β€’ Fixed adding to fire option in rouges area. β€’ Fixed a bug where Raids second loot displays the wrong amount. β€’ Fixed a bug with restore special attack potion. β€’ Fixed Level 14 wilderness elite clue spot. β€’ Fixed a bug so that you can't use superior pets in the wilderness anymore. β€’ Fixed Nex double drop for diamond donator+. β€’ Fixed a bug related to donation scrolls. β€’ Fixed a bug related to ignored players yells and PMs. β€’ Fixed a bug where you can't use cannon in jail anymore. β€’ Fixed extended distance on General Graandor's melee distance. β€’ Fixed decreased freezing after thawing from 3.33 ticks to 2. β€’ Fixed bugs for NPC movement. β€’ Fixed bugs for Alchemical Hydra. β€’ Fixed bugs for Hydra's fire wall. β€’ Fixed a bug for fury and ranger boots to drop noted items for event bosses. β€’ Fixed a bug with dark sled. β€’ Fixed some clue scroll items not being wearable. β€’ Fixed a bug with the Cerberus boss map. β€’ Fixed a bug with donator rank hierarchy. Other changes β€’ Upgraded the Well of Goodwill. β€’ Increased the Well of Goodwill limit. β€’ All teleports are now in alphabetical order. β€’ Made changes to the ::well command to display the upgrades. β€’ Fletching logs now has a 'Make X' option. β€’ Crafting dragonhide parts now has a 'Make X' and 'Make All' option. β€’ Superior Scroll now works with Zuk and Vorkath pets. β€’ You can no longer attack cows when the event isn't live. β€’ Overloads can now be noted. β€’ Tarn boss now gives boss points. β€’ Tome of frost now lights up spells as if you have water runes in your inventory. β€’ You can now use the ::zulrah command from the instance, only once it's dead. β€’ Updated server announcements to be more current. β€’ People with superior pets or overpowered weapons are now forced out of the wilderness. β€’ Donator zone altar now wipes poison and venom. β€’ Serpentine helm now blocks venom. β€’ Bank command is no longer case sensitive. β€’ New exclusive SUMMER donation deals added ::summerdeals. ~ Thanks for your support ~ ~ Arthur, Supreme & Development Team ~
  22. I have added a suggestion before for the dragon hunter lance that was approved and that was : Make the dragon hunter lance work at vorkath. I have also realized it doesnt have a noticeable effect at: Ancient wyverns / long tailed wyverns, Hydra, Great Olm (anything that dhcb works on). If you check the osrs wiki you will see that it works on those monsters in osrs and i think that it should on here as well. Also it is a 1 handed weapon on osrs and can be used with a shield, so naturally I think it should be the same on here. also dhcb maybe should get a slight buff. Not sure if it has any effect at raids or not, or at the other monsters mentioned above. Also we need inventory presets to set a placeholder on bank items or an option to do so. Bank gets very messy Fix raids so melee can be used on second wave please also super restore flask only restores 10 points to drained skill (with max skill) while super restore pot works properly Another one - $50 scroll drop from wyvern does not double with Diamond+ rank and I feel like it should considering the grind and the advertised benefits of Diamond+ ranks
  23. Earlier
  24. Bit of a late welcome but welcome none the less! Hopefully you'll enjoy this one
  25. Hope you're enjoying the game man!
  26. Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to see this feature in-game, not sure how much coding it would require but definitely possible! The staff team will review your suggestion and move it to the relevant section soon.
  27. +1 from me i think it would make it more interesting
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