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  1. Today
  2. Appreciate your response maybe if they added the PVP into well for 100m note? this way it'll create a sink of PVP armour as well as bringing money into the eco and also gives the option for new players to use the armour!
  3. U DA MAN
  4. one of the worst up dates ever! didnt fix a thing. broke the hand cannon spec. made vls hit 59 while naked. how about actually fixing the game before you ass stupid events like the egg hunt. yeah it was fun but how about making the game actually play able instead of always breaking shit? also degrading pvp armour? also a joke. - ohio
  5. magma < 1B? Range taking a hit in the combat triangle.
  6. I personally do not agree with this one, since I think there needs to be a way to flush out PVP gear, making it degradeable is one way, there could potentially be another way, make them non degradeable, but somehow make it worth while to throw in well. You just get PVP gear way to much from different places, (Elite clues, alot from boxes) I don't have the biggest knowledge on magic set upgrades, and there very might need something in between Ahrims and Zuriels. But overall I think magic is quite useless on most bosses, since Range is the most dominant and the only exception to this would be melee(with scythe). Overall I like where you are going with this.
  7. Yeah please fix the blowpipe. For new players like myself it's a good goal to go for as it was a very good weapon to farm bosses with now it's pretty much garbage for anything but lava giants and higher tier weapons are reeeeallly expensive
  8. Looks good, Im gonna be expecting 1000 Inferno kills.
  9. Welcome
  10. Interesting achievement! Keep it coming.. People can use the post as a reference to expected loot after 1000 kills of monsters!
  11. So i got bored after getting 50b xp and comp i was gonna grind for all pets but thought of this instead. I'm doing it on an alt called 1000 kills. i wanted to start with some easy ones more will come planning on doing most of everything except of things that are pure cancer. ^ Forgot to take out 3 pets ring of bosses doubles them.
  12. hey guys im new here so i introduce about my ingame name: ouwe vat Hello my name is Remon im 24 years old and im living in the netherlands i dont know what else to set here down but il see u guys in the game! ;D many thanks Remon/ouwe vat
  13. Are you still doing requests? Pm me
  14. blowpipes are so trash now! please fix.
  15. Wheres the update?
  16. Great update. And fun little egg hunt.
  17. Yesterday
  18. - Fixed the special attack for korasi. - Fixed some bugs with Hand Cannon combat. - Fixed the issue with the new elite clue scroll rewards. - Fixed some issues with Nex boss, instanced and team Nex boss. - Fixed an issue with the blowpipe combat that was causing it to very high. - Fixed a bug with Head moderator rank to see all the help requests of players. - Fixed a bug with the flames of Hydra boss. The flames were being seen at other instanced locations. - Fixes to vote hopefully more reliable! - Added Easter bunny to Edgeville. - Added a small Easter event with a cosmetic reward. - Added the icon for Iron-man and Ultimate Iron-man for Friend list Private messaging. - Tweaked some of the special attacks for combat improvements. - Ring of slayer teleports will take you to the right location now. - Teak planks will no longer give more XP than mahogany for construction. - Changed the combat of Hydra Boss to solve some issues that some players were facing. - New admin commands to aide managing the wonderful players
  19. we been fucked it up
  20. welcome back you ugly mofo! time to f*ck wildy up!
  21. Last week
  22. This server has been around for over 2 years.... if it was a fixable thing they would have done it.
  23. yeah i do agree with the melee based items not everyone can afford 70b+ for a scythe and next best is g rapier what no-one uses a big drop in stats also i believe lower melee weapons do need a buff i would like to see a donor zone upgrades also like stated in quite a few other topics
  24. Some nice stuff right there man.
  25. Yea im pretty sure tree farming patches are supposed to be a think, just bugged atm.
  26. more boxes vids wow lul
  27. Hey, I just registered on forums to see what kind of designs I can find from here. Great job everyone! I'd love to share my work too. ///edit: just to be clear, I'm visiting from another private server, not here to stay.\\\ Discord : Squidac#8936 Feedback is appreciated!
  28. Nice Video Fpk Merk Gl to everyone IGN:Kurdo
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